Donations | Sponsorships

Attached you’ll find a selection of happy dogs that found a new home thanks to our care spots.

Donations | Sponsorships

Your donation is solely used for the protection of animals in other countries or for your personal wish. It is further possible to donate money to a specific animal in a foreign shelter. Those donations are collected and then once per month wired to the particular animal shelter. This guarantees the possibility to trace the donation and confirm its integrity.

We realise partnerships for care spots in our center.

With the creation of a sponsorship you support the maintenance of a care spot for one of our orphaned dogs until a new home is found. Often those dogs are causing spikes in our budget either due to special treatments or visits to the vet. Unfortunately, many of them are hard to convey to potential owners because of their race, character and age.

However, we’ve already been able to find new happy owners for many of the orphaned dogs.

A sponsorship of this kind starts at CHF 20.- per month. If the care spot is vacated for some time interval the money will be collected and then used for a new orphaned dog.

We are happy about any donation! Please add the remark “Pflegeplatz-Patenschaft”, the amount of money and the duration of the sponsorship to the payment slips.

Please wire donation to the following account or with the donation form:

Jackies Hundehort GmbH, Furthof 5, 8820 Wädenswil
IBAN: CH27 0076 1637 5418 5200 3
Aargauische Kantonalbank
Clearing: 761
Postkonto: 50-6-9

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