Vacation time

During your holidays we offer a dog hotel, such that your dogs enjoy a special stay as well.

Daytime places

Is work again interfering with your plans? We’ve got your back. Bring your dog in the morning and pick him up again in the evening.

Dog walk

We endeavour on long daily walks with all our dogs. No place for boredom! So they experience a lot of exciting.and have a lot of movement.

Dog health

In case of sickness or accident we offer special adjusted treatments. This includes visits to the vet and continuations of prescribed therapies.

Dog training and dog activities

No shortcomings in your dog’s education. We’re happy to answer any questions regarding training and development of your loved one.

Care places for dogs

We take care of orphaned animals. You can actively support this by taking up a sponsorship for one of the dogs.

Our happy dogs

We’re continuously trying to get to know your dog’s nature, likings and comrades to enable a seamless integration into the group.

Help the animals by taking up a sponsorship: With the acquisition of a sponsorship

You support the creation of an additional care spot for a dog in need until a new owner is found.

Jackies Hundehort Your dog day care center with passion, heart and professional experience.
Wheter you're on vacation or on a regular work day - we are here for you!