Prices dog daycare and full service grooming

Here you find our prices for the day and vacation spots. No hidden costs in the fine print.

Small dog pricing

Smal dog

CHF 38.- per day

Dogs under 20 kilos or with a height up to 40 cm

Full care program

1 daily walk

Social activities

Medium dog pricing

Middle-sized dog

CHF 43.- per day

Dogs over 20 kilos or with a height up to 54 cm

Full care program

1 daily walk

Social activities

Large dog pricing

Big dog

CHF 48.- per day

Dogs over 41 kilos or taller than 55 cm

Full care program

1 daily walk

Social activities

Extra large dog pricing

Private over-night stays

Small +CHF 30.- / per night

Medium sized +CHF 35.- / per night

Big +CHF 45.- / per night

Dog spends the night at the carer’s place

Travelling costs inclusive

About our dog day care center

We are a small center with at most 25 animals that are taken care of experiences professionals.

A second home in a natural environment for your four-legged friend.

Your dog will quickly grow accustomed to the place and will be looking forward to future stays.

The divisible outdoor areas make it possible for the dogs to explore the environment, play or relax together in small groups.

The indoor area offers spacious kennels that can be shared by 2 to 3 animals. Like that dogs can choose who they want to spend their time with.

Things you can expect from us

Professional care

Our keepers (EFZ) and animal handlers (FBA) are deeply experienced and are never shy to educate themselves in further courses. We pass on our knowledge in interesting internships in order to simplify the transition from theory to practice.

Social care taking

Wir achten auf die Sauberkeit des Hortes, so werden Hundeboxen im vorgegebenen Turnus komplett gereinigt, desinfisziert und auf Mängel geprüft. Im Aussenbereich werden täglich mehrere Kontrollen in Bezug auf Reinlichkeit, Sicherheit und Zustand der Anlage durchgeführt.

Soziale Hundebetreuung

Einen unserer Stärken liegt darin, dass wir uns persönlich viel um die Hunde kümmern. So gehen wir täglich in Kleingruppen auf einen Aussenspaziergang, achten auf Ihre Bedürfnisse und Eigenschaften.

Auf Wunsch mit Hundetrainer

Wir kümmern uns um die Weiterbildung von Ihrem Hund und helfen Ihnen gezielt bei Ihren Fragen und bei der Weiterentwicklung Ihres Lieblings. Ein individuelles Training mit unserem Hundetrainer macht viel Spass und freut sich einer sehr grossen Beliebtheit.

A peek into our dog day care center

Jackies dog day care center is a professional and lovely enterprise. Our strengths lie in the quick adaption to your loved ones in order to facilitate an environment that shelters a happy dog that is always looking forward to return.

Jackies Hundehort Your dog day care center with passion, heart and professional experience.
Wheter you're on vacation or on a regular work day - we are here for you!